Kino Missions Tour

Visit the locations of Kino missions in Sonora
The Plaza in San Ignacio, Sonora

Father Eusebio Francisco Kino (1645 – 1711) was an Italian Jesuit priest who made a profound impact on the region through his work as a religious leader, geographer, teacher, astronomer and explorer.

Part of his lasting legacy in Sonora and Arizona (which at that time was known as the Pimeria Alta region) is the number of missions he established along a route that stretched more than 1000 miles.

The original adobe structures established by Kino were replaced by temples with a more European design that were established by the Franciscans after the Jesuits were expelled in 1767.

During this tour, we will visit two of the 25 mission sites established by Father Kino – San Ignacio de Cabórica, in San Ignacio, Sonora, and Mission San Pedro y San Pablo del Tubutama, in Tubutama, Sonora.

We will also visit the Mexican town where Kino did much of his work, Magdalena de Kino, Sonora. We will tour Plaza Monumental, where Kino’s remains are on display in a crypt, and the city’s beautiful Palacio Municipal (city hall).

This is a day tour, departing from Nogales in the morning and returning in the late afternoon.

Tour includes:

  • Mission San Ignacio de Caborica
  • Magdalena de Kino, Sonora
  • Father Kino Crypt
  • Magdalena Palacio Municipal
  • Lunch on your own at Momo’s
  • Mission San Pedro y San Pablo