Chiricahua National Monument Tour

History and amazing natural environs
Chiricahua Mountains

This is a rare opportunity to visit the Chiricahuas with someone in the know!

This nature tour will expose you to the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains in Southeastern Arizona. We will be accompanied by a biologist who will explain the ins and out and ups and downs of the mountains. Our guide has more than 50 years of experience studying these mountains.

There will be daily low-intensity hikes of approximately three miles in distance, including one to visit historic Fort Bowie. The daily hikes are not killers, but if you are not accustomed to hiking on a nature trail or have health issues that may affect your ability to hike, perhaps you should consider one of the other tours we offer.

Tour price includes transportation, overnight accommodations and park entry fees. Breakfasts at the motel and two lunches will be provided, plus water and snacks.

The tour departs from Nogales and Sierra Vista, and is an three-day tour.

Tour includes:

  • Chiricahua Mountains day hikes
  • Historic Fort Bowie
  • Faraway Ranch
  • Willcox, Arizona
  • Other local sights