The Grand Canyon, photo by Cecile Van Meensel

Been to the Grand Canyon?  How about Canyon de Chelly? Or Chaco Cultural Center?  Want to see Meteor Crater or the Lowell Observatory?  Maybe the Painted Desert or the Petrified Forest?  How about a tour of the Hopi’s Second Mesa?

May 1 – 10, 2017


This is a loosely planned tour to make a big circle to the northern and eastern part of the state, and the northwest corner of New Mexico. Clients would pay for their own meals and hotels and all my expenses. I will be your chauffer and guide, and be paid $150 a day. Initially I thought no one would be interested, but the more I talk about it the more I find people are actually interested in going.

The tour would take 10 days and our first stop would be Sedona. The tentative schedule and places to visit would be as follows:

Day 1 – Montezuma Castle near Camp Verde and overnight in Sedona

Day 2 – On to Flagstaff to visit the Lowell Observatory and Riordon Mansion and on to Cameron, Arizona on the Navajo reservation

Day 3 – Grand Canyon, then back to Flagstaff

Day 4 – East to Meteor Crater, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, stay at La Posada in Winslow

Day 5 – Up to the Hopi Reservation at 2nd Mesa for tour and dinner speaker

Day 6 – East to Ganado, Chinle and half-day tour of Canyon de Chelly, overnight at the Thunderbird Lodge in Canyon de Chelly

Day 7 – East to Bloomfield, New Mexico and south to Chaco Cultural National Historical Park. Head south to I-40 and play it by ear depending on what time we arrive in the Thoreau area

Day 8 – Heading southwest to Arizona and the White Mountains, possibly staying in Springerville

Day 9 – South through the White Mountains on Route 191 (which used to be the Devil’s highway 666), maybe make a stop at the San Carlos Indian Reservation

Day 10 – Back on to I-10 West to I-19 South, arriving in Green Valley at approximately 2:00 pm

Now here is the fine print. All of you would have to be real flexible, mellow and easy going. My thought is that initially everyone puts in $50 for gas. If any money is left over, clients divide it up. If more than four people are going I will rent a van (rental costs are about $700+ a week), and that expense would be divided up amongst clients. Names would be put in a hat and drawn to see who covers my expenses for a given day (it should be known that I am a cheap date!). If we have nine people going, then that name gets set aside. I will not take more than 10 people.

We will be going to places that require walking and some hiking. Motels will range from great to maybe just okay, depending on where we are at any given check-in time. We will all eat together, because I am not running people all over for their favorite restaurant. I really don’t want to drive more than eight hours a day – some days may run more, some less.

See what you think! Lodging seems to be the most expensive ranging from $65+ in Flagstaff to $150 at the historic La Posada in Winslow.

This is a great opportunity to see Arizona without having to drive. You will have an excellent driver and a very knowledgeable guide with you. If you have questions or want references, please send me an email, fill out the online contact form or give me a call at (520) 988-5425.

Linda Rushton
Ambos Tours of Arizona, LLC

Tour includes:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Canyon de Chelly
  • Chaco Cultural Center
  • Meteor Crater
  • Lowell Observatory
  • Painted Desert
  • Petrified Forest
  • Hopi’s Second Mesa


The Grand Canyon
Canyon de Chelly
Arizona Petrified Forest. Photo by Jill Mackie
The Painted Desert, photo by Brigitte Werner
Meteor Crater